fib T5.1 (formerly TG9.3) 'FRP Reinforcement for Concrete Structures'

Chair: S. Matthys

Secretary: M. Guadagnini

Working party 'FRP reinforcement' - Convenors: M. Guadagnini, L. Torres

Working party 'FRP strengthening' - Convenors: T. Triantafillou, S. Matthys


Members and corresponding members:

The task group exists of more than 80 members, representing most European universities, research institutes and industrial companies working in the field of advanced composite reinforcement for concrete structures, as well as representing members of North-America and Asia.


Membership application form can be downloaded here.


Member list: version 9/11/2016

fib FRP course 3rd edition

Invitation 23-27 Januray 2017 /// The 3rd edition of our specialist course is taking place! This course is organized by fib, COST TU1207 and endure. Register at

34th meeting @ Prague

Invitation meeting 2016-11-04 /// The 34th meeting of fibT5.1 is taking place at Prague on 4 November 2016. The meeting is in conjunction with the COST TU1207.