The fib (International Federation for Structural Concrete) Task Group 5.1 'FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer) Reinforcement for Concrete Structures' comprises experts in the field of FRP as structural reinforcement for concrete structures. The work performed by fib T5.1 is published as fib Bulletins. Meetings are held twice a year.

The group forms part of Commission 5 'Reinforcements'. The task group exists of more than 80 members, representing most European universities, research institutes and industrial companies working in the field of advanced composite reinforcement for concrete structures, as well as members of North-America and Asia.

The main objectives of the task group are:
1. The elaboration of design guidelines in accordance with the design format of the Model Code and Eurocode 2.
2. Link with other initiatives regarding material testing and characterization & development of standard test methods.
3. Participation in the international forum in the field of advanced composite reinforcement, stimulating the use of FRP for concrete structures.
4. Guidance on practical execution of concrete structures reinforced/prestressed/upgraded by FRP.

The work of the task group is organized in 2 working parties:

:: FRP Internal Reinforcement
:: Strengthening by FRP

Remark: This task group is also known as the former fibTG9.3. On 1st january 2015, as a result of structuring fib commissions in areas of activities, fibTG9.3 was renamed into fibT5.1, yet the activities remain the same.

fibT5.1 workshop in New Zealand

March 2018 /// fibT5.1 has been invited to run a set of 3 workshops in New Zealand. Teachers will be Profs. Matthys, Triantafillou, Guadagnini, Balazs. We are looking forward to this event.

fib FRP course 3rd edition

Invitation 23-27 Januray 2017 /// The 3rd edition of our specialist course is taking place! This course is organized by fib, COST TU1207 and endure. Register at