Current ongoing work focusses on 2 new Bulletins:

  • Bulletin on externally bonded reinforcement. A Bulletin is under preparation, aiming to update/improve/refine Bulletin 14. It has a broader coverage on behavioural aspects, also eg. dealing with NSM (near surface mounted reinforcement). It also updates the design equations based on the current state-of-the-art.
  • Bulletin on FRP reinforcement. Following the publication of Bulletin 40, preparations for a complementary Bulletin have started. Compared to the state-of-the-art like B40, the new bulletin will be more code like.
  • Bulletin on design examples. Following the work on the above 2 bulletins, a comprehensive set of design examples will be published.

fibT5.1 workshop in New Zealand

March 2018 /// fibT5.1 has been invited to run a set of 3 workshops in New Zealand. Teachers will be Profs. Matthys, Triantafillou, Guadagnini, Balazs. We are looking forward to this event.

fib FRP course 3rd edition

Invitation 23-27 Januray 2017 /// The 3rd edition of our specialist course is taking place! This course is organized by fib, COST TU1207 and endure. Register at