An international RRT has been initiated in 2008 by the EN-CORE network together with fibTG9.3. It comprises tensile testing of FRP (bars & strips) and FRP-concrete bond testing (EBR & NSM), 8 FRP suppliers and 10 laboratories.

The work is coordinated by UGent - Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research.

Further information:

fibT5.1 workshop in New Zealand

March 2018 /// fibT5.1 has been invited to run a set of 3 workshops in New Zealand. Teachers will be Profs. Matthys, Triantafillou, Guadagnini, Balazs. We are looking forward to this event.

fib FRP course 3rd edition

Invitation 23-27 Januray 2017 /// The 3rd edition of our specialist course is taking place! This course is organized by fib, COST TU1207 and endure. Register at