It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our colleague and former fib TG9.3/T5.1 member Ralejs Tepfers, aged 81.

Ralejs was internationally renowned for his research on bond, and although you might not have met him personally, no doubt you have been influenced by his work. Despite his older age, Ralejs readily embraced new technologies and was one of the driving forces in our task group. He has been an enthusiastic and active member for many years and was responsible for the introduction of FRP in fib Bulletin 10 'Bond of reinforcement in concrete', which fifteen years ago was the very first fib publication to include FRP reinforcement.

We will remember Ralejs for his lasting contribution to our field, his enthusiasm in embracing new challenges and his gentle and inspiring personality.

Stijn Matthys
Maurizio Guadagnini

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